Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Blogger’s viewpoint

 One Blogger’s viewpoint.
          Over the weekend, I was involved in a lengthy discussion regarding postings on this blog.   Should I say, “Here is a problem within our Federal government, here are some specific examples”; then allow the commenters to explore the matter further?  Alternatively, should I say, ‘Here is a problem within our Federal government, and here are some ideas on how we can address the problem lets discuss them?”  I prefer the latter.  Many of my friends and acquaintances speak in clichés when we discuss our Federal government.  They say: “We waste too much, We spend too much overseas, We need smaller government, We need to bring our military back home, We need term limits,  Washington doesn’t represent the people and on and on.  Of course, most agree on these but how do we resolve them?  One thought is we will eventually turn around Washington by more carefully picking our elected representatives.  I disagree; the odds are stacked against us.  Once elected, our House and Senate members join an exclusive club; a club where the rules and laws imposed upon the people does not apply to them.  They and their living standards are above the proletariat.  Loyalty to their party and to special interests can assure continuous membership as long as they desire to remain and even thereafter into retirement.  Even the best-intended elected officials become seduced by the club.  How often do candidates for office tell us one thing and do another when in office?  Too often!
            I have, not as frequently as I should, but, I have emailed and written to my National representatives and have received responses although granted they were probably prepared by staffers.  The most effective were when I made specific comments or suggestion.  In one case, my suggestion resulted in an open meeting on the subject when my representative visited the area. 
            When I write my postings I will try to present the problem I am addressing, suggest solutions to open discussions and comments.  Hopefully, these discussions and solutions will filter up, through mail and emails to our representatives.
            This opinion should in no way deter from others to present their posts in any form they wish it is my thought only.

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